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Taye Tour Pro Stage 5 Piece Drum Kit Antique Honey 22" Bass + Hardware

RRP: £1,549.99
You save: £950.00  (61%)
Chase Direct Price: £599.99

Above Picture is a Set Example Only. This listing is for a 5 piece drum kit only. Cymbals are not included.


Tour Pro

Basswood - Birch is a very musical softer hardwood featuring beautiful woodgrain figuring. Because it is less dense than our SugarMaple we build our Basswood - Birch shell thicker for increased rigidity. Our TourPro Basswood - Birch shell produces a rounder and more centered drum sound - reminiscent of the great American-made drums of the 50s and 60s.

Our master shellmaker carefully selects the finest Basswood & Birch panels from our extensive Basswood & Birch inventory. The bearing edges are carefully machined and the shells meticulously prepared for finishing - the same thorough high-gloss lacquer process we use for StudioMaple.

TourPro features:

  • Basswood - Birch shells - made entirely in our own factory!
  • TAYE patented SlideTrack TH90 bass mount tom holder for infinite tom positioning
  • Accepts BA65BT or BA55 integrated boom (not included)
  • Resonance enhancing TAYE SuspensionRing tom holder system.
  • SP90 adjustable, folding spurs with just enough flex to allow full bass drum resonance.
  • TAYE 5000 series hardwares included - medium weight - sturdy yet easily portable
  • TAYE SuperKick PSK501C bass pedal. Light and fast.
  • Available in all TAYE OptimumSizes and in all TAYE drum set Styles.
  • TourPro sets include HP553-5 "C" hardware pack
  • NEW- UB105 PocketHinge Bracket (pat. pend)
  • NEW- BC100 Articulated Claw Hook
  • NEW- SS5000BT BallTilter snare stand
  • SlideTrack Tom Holder System
  • All Rack Toms on SuspensionsRings



This listing is for A 5 Piece Studio Pro Kit in the Colour ANTIQUE HONEY and Includes the Following Drums and Hardware Parts:

  Bass Drum 22" x 18"
  Snare Drum 14" x 6"
  Rack Tom 10" x 8.5"
  Rack Tom 12" x 9"
  Floor Tom 16" x 16"
  HiHat Stand HH5000
  Snare Stand SS5000
  Cymbal Stand CS5300
  Boom Stand BS5300
  Kick Pedal PSK501C






EFS™ Shell Technology: Engineered For Sound. Among other innovations, Taye EFS™ utilizes cross-lamination in the shell formation process. Cross-lamination is the method of perpendicularly alternating the direction of the wood grain within the plies, providing drums with extremely rigid shells, resulting in breathtakingly broad tuning ranges.
SideLatch™ Snare Release: Simply designed for optimum performance, this side-action release system employs a minimum of moving parts. With a large knurled tension knob for easy snare adjustment, and our unique SlipLock feature that prevents unwanted loosening of snare tension, SideLatch™ is strong, smooth, and flawlessly reliable.

SuspensionRings™: An industry standard, SuspensionRings™ allow mounted toms to float freely, providing optimum tone and resonance.

SlideTrack™ Tom Holder System: This patented feature allows near infinite adjustment of lateral placement for mounted toms, enabling the player to position drums to best suit any needs.

PocketHinge™ Bracket: Another Taye innovation. With no internal pressure points, PocketHinge™ effectively distributes force across a wide area of the rod to which it mounts, delivering dependable, slip-free performance.

Articulated Claw Hook: Virtually eliminates the need to disassemble claw hooks and tension rods from bass drums when changing heads. The Articulated Claw Hook is designed to isolate the claw from the wood hoop, preventing unwanted tonal interference in live or studio applications.

Studded Gaskets: Patented studded lug gaskets remove any metal-to-wood contact allowing the drum to resonate more freely, delivering optimum sonic performance in all environments.

Modular TC91/92 Tom Clamps: All configurations are equipped with either TC91 or TC92 tom clamps. Clamps are modular in design, will accept a wide range of tube diameters, and can be converted to single or double format.

SpringFlex Bass Drum Spurs: Taye's unique SP90 bass drum spurs not only improve bass drum resonance, the sleek design enables the player to easily position stands in and around the bass drum. Retractable spikes eliminate bass drum movement.

Now Only £599.99

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