About Us


First and foremost, we pride ourselves on giving you the best deal.

We specialise in bulk buying musical instruments overstocked by manufacturers and distributors from all over the world.

So you get the pick of the world's best musical instruments at virtually wholesale prices.

Currently we stock Yamaha, Casio, Chase, Kawai, Korg, Behringer, Tanglewood, Aria,
Crafter, Cort, Chase, Numark, Ritter, Db Technologies, Hi Watt and
many more.

Quite a line up by anybody's standard.

We also hand pick our staff for their enthusiasm and expertise.

Then we make sure they know every instrument we sell inside out.

They're here to give you unbiased advice on anything from buying your first guitar to installing a P.A. system.

And nobody's going to hurry you into a quick sale.

You can spend as long as you like playing and comparing instruments without the feeling someone's breathing down your neck.

If you decide to buy from us, we can offer you a complete back-up service.

The Chase store has a qualified service engineer who can handle anything from a minor repair to a major overhaul without having to send the gear away.

All of which helps to explain why we've become the choice of Britain's top musicians.

About Chase


Where it all started Chase was founded in 1978 by musician Amrik Singh in London.

The speciality was originally based on and around synthesisers and electric organs which dominated the music scene in the 1970’s and 80’s. Throughout the years, Chase was the biggest synthesiser retailer in the country and produced a number of award winning models that were favoured by the stars of the day, including Queen, Madness, Bad Company, and Kate Bush. There were Chase shops positioned across the country in large cities such as London, Manchester and Birmingham.


After, Several Decades

In the turn of the millennium, Chase gradually focussed their interests more towards digital pianos and electric keyboards, and is now the biggest retailer of digital pianos in the United Kingdom. With the development of the web and the birth of the modern internet in 2005 they put their efforts into Ecommerce and moved their base from Central London to Manchester.

The Manchester base is the same to this day, and Chase still operate a music shop on site (58 Oldham Street in The Northern Quarter in Manchester), which also hosts a piano showroom where you can view and sample a wide range of pianos.