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Chase CDP-355BK Digital Piano In Black Cabinet
88 Notes Fully Weighted Hammer Action
Full Cabinet & Sliding Lid,

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The Chase CDP-355 has been completely redesigned to reflect the aesthetics of today's modern living. Sleek lines define a balanced and elegant profile, complete with a stylish keyboard cover. The Chase CDP-355 is available in two contemporary wood grain finishes, Satin Black & Satin White

Following the success of its predecessor the CDP-345 The new Chase CDP-355's class-leading Graded Hammer Action II [G.H.A.II] keyboard action recreates the supreme touch of an acoustic grand piano, with its realistic movement and rigid, springless design providing a smooth and natural piano playing experience, combined with an innovative hammer action that is accurately scaled across the entire key range. Adjustable touch sensitivity allows seven steps of customization to suit any playing style.

The CDP-355 acclaimed C.A.S.T. Sound Source includes two beautiful new stereo grand piano tones which comes alive with realistic damper resonance, simulating the entire body of the instrument, not just the strings. The Chase CDP-355 also features several electric piano tones with a wide dynamic range suitable for many genres. In addition to pianos, the CDP-355 features a variety of 88 different instrument Tones in total, with the ability to layer and split them as needed. With a generous 192 notes of polyphony, even the most complex performances will sound perfectly natural.

Replicating the feel of an acoustic piano, the Chase CDP-355 sound switches between multiple piano samples according to your playing dynamics. The sound will respond realistically to your playing, from powerful crescendos to every subtle touch. The Classic Piano and Grand Piano sounds realistically reproduce damper resonances for a pleasant and enjoyable playing experience.

There are a total of eighty-eight expressive and high-quality sounds built-in to the Chase CDP-355 and a Layer Mode that lets you play two sounds together. Duo Mode divides the keyboard into left and right regions, so that two people can play in the same range of pitches at the same time, a useful tool for piano tuition. Two headphone jacks make it enjoyable for two people to play the piano together without disturbing others.

The Chase CDP-355 features 29 on-board Rhythm tracks that keep your playing in time. There's a variety of rhythm patterns to choose from depending on the the vibe you're going for. From rock to ballads, use these rhythms to add an element of fun to your practicing, or simply use them as a virtual drummer for your performances.

The 25W x 2 amplifier boasts the highest output in its class, reproducing expressive piano sounds with rich tone, sonorous lows, sparkling highs and enviable resonance. The sound resonates even further as the two large-diameter speakers are placed inside the cabinet, allowing the sound to resonate with even richer depth.

The Chase CDP-355 is not only ideal for practice and performance, but also for lesson environments. You can connect two sets of headphones using the jacks on the front panel, allowing quiet practice. Duet Mode splits the piano into two equal pitch ranges, allowing a student and teacher to sit at the same instrument.

The Chase CDP-355 connects via class-compliant USB to any PC, Mac, iOS, or Android device, with no drivers or installations needed.


  • Rhythm section with 29 different drum patterns
  • Metronome
  • 3 Pedals on all Chase Pianos
    • Sustain Pedal, Sostenuto Pedal and Soft Pedal
  • Connection
    • 2 Headphone Outputs - Practice Silently, Alone or With A Friend Or Teacher
    • USB MIDI INTERFACE - Connect Your Chase Digital Piano Directly To PC Or Mac And Use Advanced Midi Features With Your Favourite Recording Software Such As Cubase, ProTools, Logic or Many Others
    • Line Output - Need It Louder? Connect Your Chase Digital Piano To An External Amplifier Or Mixing Desk, Ideal For Live Recordings Or Gigs
    • 6.3mm Microphone Input To Connect A Dynamic Microphone To The Piano
  • features
    • 7 layers of touch control
    • Dual Layer Mode
    • Split Keyboard
    • Duo Mode for playing with a Teacher
  • Effects
    • Adjustable Digital Reverb to simulate different playing enviroments
  • size
    • Length : 1390mm (54 3/4")
    • Width : 410mm (16 1/8")
    • Height : 800mm (31 1/2")
  • Weight
    • 45KG (99lb)

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