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Chase CA-30G 30 Watt Electric Guitar Amplifier

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Loaded with features including full control over your bass, middle and treble, overdrive distortion switch, CD/MP3/iPod input, and a headphone output for those late-night practice sessions, these amps kick out a surprisingly large amount of power from their internal speaker,s and is of extremely solid build quality.

Fitted with a carry handle on top and protective rubber grip feet on all fours, Chase Electric Guitar Amplifiers are impressive amps for enthusiastic guitarists.

Guitar Amps are a key part of a guitarists rig. Many people believe that the amp is as, if not more, important than the guitar in forming your unique sound as a guitarist.

Chase Produce a wide range to suit all types of players. Combo Amps are ideal for those who want an all in one solution. While combo amps will have tonal controls and some effects, the sound can be changed further by adding pedals in the chain. Combo amps are also straightforward, being plug in and play.

Chase Electric Guitar Amplifiers offer a wide range of tones. From very clean sounds to heavy overderive, these amplifiers provide a wide spectrum of noise" All chase electric guitar amplifiers feature an overdrive switch to select between Clean Sounds and Distortion. All Chase Electric Guitar Amps Provide A Headphone Output for silent practice.

  Chase 30 WattGuitar Amp
Speaker Output 30 Watt
Speaker Size 8"
Aux/MP3 Input 1/4"
Headphone Output
EQ 3 Band EQ
Other Features  
Weight 8.5 KG
Dimensions 40cm x 21cm x 34cm



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CA30G 30 watt Electric Guitar Amplifier


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