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At Chase Direct we offer the highest quality digital grand pianos. They have the best specifications at the most attractive prices you'll find.

In an acoustic grand, the strings run horizontally rather than vertically. Of course an electric piano has no strings, so it's primarily the cabinet that sets a grand model apart from a conventional digital piano. But thanks to the features on offer from a Chase branded digital grand, not only does it look luxurious, it also sounds fantastic.

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Amazing prices on the best digital grand pianos

There can be no instrument more beautiful or exciting to play than a stunning digital grand piano, and with a digital or electric version you can have all the sound quality of a traditional acoustic grand piano with a whole host of additional features.

Imagine how stunning your digital grand piano would look and sound in your home or on the stage? Maybe you want a sleek digital baby grand to act as a talking point for every visitor who walks into your hallway. Or perhaps you own a cocktail bar and you're looking for an eye-catching instrument that will keep customers thoroughly entertained.

Common features and specs

If you're planning to buy a digital grand piano, you'll want an instrument that looks the part. After all, it's the aesthetics of a grand piano, with its large polished cabinet and raised lid, that make it so desirable. It's a bit like buying a new sports car; no matter how pleasing it is to handle, it's no good if it doesn't turn heads as you drive by!

But digital grand pianos have numerous features that can make playing them an absolute dream, so it's important to look at the specifications as well to make sure you choose the right model for your needs. You want one that'll be just as pleasing to the ears as it is to the eye.

For example, some of our pianos offer multi-track recorders that allow you to play and critique your own performances or record backing parts to play over, while other have built-in rhythms and demo songs. Some Chase branded instruments have up to 153 high quality voices that offer unbelievable choice, from organs to strings.

Like conventional digital models, digital grand pianos usually have weighted hammer action keys, so when you strike them it feels like you're playing a real acoustic. Some are more sophisticated than others and have various levels of touch response so you can fine-tune the reaction of the keys to suit your individual playing style.

Other features that might be important to you when you're choosing your instrument are the number and quality of the speakers, the number and function of the pedals, the interface options and the volume and sound controls. Many Chase branded digital grand pianos offer the following:

  • Quick access memory so you can access your favourite sounds and playing styles instantly
  • Dual layer function that lets you use two different voices at the same time, for example piano and strings
  • Split keyboard mode to split the keyboard into two sections - choose one voice for each section
  • Backlit LCD display that shows you the selected sounds and rhythms, as well as the notes being played
  • Integrated headphone amplifiers so you can practice without disturbing the neighbours
  • Built in USB to MIDI interface to connect your piano to a PC or MAC computer
  • Built in metronome to keep you in time

Of course the weight and dimensions of your piano will also be important, especially if you have limited space in your home or music studio. There are many sizes of grand piano, with the concert grand being the largest at up to three metres in length - ideal for the stage! A smaller baby grand digital piano, which is typically around 1.5 metres long, may be more appropriate depending on your needs and the features you're looking for.

Electric grand pianos from Chase Direct

At Chase Direct giving our customers a great deal is hugely important. We know you want the best quality available, but we also know you want prices that won't break the bank. If this sounds like you, then you're in the right place.

Our staff are experts in digital pianos and they've been chosen for their musical knowledge and their enthusiasm, so you're in safe hands when you come to Chase. We know all our grand pianos inside out and we can offer you honest and informed advice whether you're a grand piano novice or an experienced concert pianist.

For more information about our digital grand pianos, contact us now on 0161 236 6794 or fill in our online enquiry form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. You can also visit our Music Shop In Manchester

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