GUITAR PITCH PIPE - 6 tone E A D G B E tuner tuning pipes strings acoustic

Chase Direct Theme CHASE SHOP ABOUT CONTACT GUITAR PITCH PIPE PORTABLE 6 TONE DESIGN About Small, handy and accurate yet very easy to use. The four different mouthpieces represent each string of the guitar and reproduce the relevant note. Simply blow into the necessary mouthpiece and tune your guitar accordingly by ear to the note produced from the pitch pipes. With our small portable lightweight design you can carry our pitch pipe with you anywhere FEATURES 6 Tones - E, A, D, G, B and E Electronically tested for guaranteed accuracy Made from the highest quality ABS plastic with ridged lipped blow pipes Small, portable & easy to use - Requires only light blowing for loud & clear notes no batteries required CHASE DIRECT Established in 1978 Chase is the UK's pre-eminent specialist supplier of musical instruments. We supply musicians, pupils and schools all over the UK and across the world. Fast, friendly and efficient service & once in a lifetime bargain deals - It's Cheaper at Chase 60000+ POSITIVE FEEDBACK Many Happy Customers 2000+ GUITARS IN STOCK Unique Offers of Unique Guitars 40 YEARS EXPERIENCE Selling musical instruments since 1978 ABOUT The UK's #1 independent musical instrument retailer. Now in our 40th year of trading, the Chase Music Store has never been more packed full of the world's finest musical instruments all at great prices. In Store you can try over 500 guitars, digital pianos, keyboards and more LOCATION Based in the heart of Manchester's flourishing Northern Quarter only about 5 minutes walk from Piccadilly Gardens. Our store opening times are 10am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday.Chase Music - 58 Oldham Street - Manchester - M4 1LE Footer Banner Section FOR THE LATEST NEWS & UPDATES subscribe ©2019 - Chase Direct - 58 Oldham Street - Manchester - M4 1LE