Translucent Black Guitar String Peg Winder With Integrated Bridge Pin Puller

String Peg Winder With Bridge Pin Puller in Translucent Black Colour Suitable for Acoustic, Classical and Electric Guitars The Chase String Winder makes changing strings quick and easy. These string winders are suitable for most acoustic, classical and electric guitars and are simple to use with minimum effort. The hole of the winder slots over the machine head, and using the handle you can turn and tune quickly and accurately. Also featuring a built-in bridge pin puller for removing acoustic guitar bridge pins when re-stringing, the Chase Guitar String Winder is a handy must-have accessory that fits every guitarist’s budget. Item Specifications: Handle Length: 7cm Dimensions of Head: 2.5cm x 1.2cm Colour: Translucent black   NEED A GUITAR STAND??? CLICK HERE !!! This solid metal stand is suitable for all kinds of guitars such as acoustic, bass, classic and electric guitar. It has a folding tripod base which provides a sturdy base. The neck rest can be folded down for transport. The neck rest is also fitted with a security strap so the guitar can't fall out. The guitar top and bottom post holding the guitar are foam passed with velveteen rubber to protect the guitar finish. Of course, the neck of this stand is height adjustable. IT'S CHEAPER AT CHASE We at Chase-Direct have been selling musical instruments since 1978 - over 32 years. All our pianos are inspected by our staff. They personally go to manufacturers and factories to ensure that the pianos are manufactured to the highest standards. We pride ourselves on giving you the best deal by importing directly from manufacturers under our own brand name of CHASE We give you the pick of the world's best musical instruments at virtually wholesale prices! Buy with confidence It's Cheaper at Chase